• Soup

    adraki tamatar sorba
    tangy tomato broth with ginger and chilli

  • Soup

    makai pudina shorba
    corn and mint soup served with garlic naan stick

  • Chicken Sweet Corn Soup.

    Chicken soup prepared in an Indo-Chinese style with corn , chicken and scrambled egg served hot.

  • keema samosa
    fried pastry parcels filled with minced spiced mutton OR vegetable samosa
    fried pastry parcels filled with spiced potato and green pea

  • chicken tikka
    mustard oil, kashmiri chilli, hung curd, fenugreek, garam masala marinated chicken

  • tandoori chicken
    a half chicken marinated with yogurt, chilli paste and malt vinegar

  • kolkata chicken kathi roll.
    spiced onion, bell pepper, egg and chicken tikka wrapped in flat bread

  • Hot Spot kebab-e-malai.
    yogurt, cream, cheese, mace, and cardamom marinated chicken

  • shammi kebab.
    shallow-fried mu on patties spiced with cinnamon and cardamom

  • tandoori creamy broccoli.
    cardamom infused yogurt, cream, and cheese marinated broccoli florets

  • hara bhara kebab
    shallow-fried seasonal vegetable and spinach patties with jalapeno and ginger centers

  • Aloo tikki
    potato and green pea pa es spiced with ginger and roasted cumin

  • Tandoori Couliflower

  • Mutton Sheek Kebab

  • Chicken Sheek Kebab.

  • dhaniya adraki chaamp.
    australian lamb chops marinated in yogurt, coriander, ginger, garlic, mustard oil

  • mixed grill.
    kebab-e-malai, chicken tilkka, mulaiyam sheekh kebab, and fish tikka, prawn tikka.

  • ajwaini fish tikka.
    seabass marinated in carom seed, hung curd, yellow chilli, and home-made garam masala

  • dilli papri chaat
    refined flour dough crackers topped with diced potato, yogurt, chickpea, mint, and tamarind

  • pakora
    crispy seasonal vegetables and cottage cheese fritters

  • Fries

  • achari paneer tikka.
    cottage cheese squares marinated in hung yogurt, yellow chilli powder and grandma’s pickle spices

  • goan prawn curry.
    prawns simmered in spicy coconut curry with kokum

  • butter chicken.
    charcoal smoked chicken tikka simmered in tomato gravy, finished with butter and cream

  • Chilli Prawn.

  • Chilli Chicken.

  • Chilli Gobi.

  • chicken tikka masala
    tandoor smoked chicken cooked in onion and tomato gravy with a dash of garam masala

  • kashmiri rogan josh.
    mutton simmered with kashmiri degi mirch, black cardamom, anise seed, ginger powder

  • laal maas.
    spicy mutton curry from rajasthan prepared with chilli and cloves

  • mutton vindaloo.
    a portugese mutton preparation with garlic, chilli paste, and vinegar

  • sea bass curry.
    sea bass cooked in a fragrant tomato curry with a light touch of cream and herbs for an extra edge of savour

  • baingan bhartha.
    charcoal roasted smoked eggplant tossed with onion and tomato

  • bhindi pyaz.
    diced okra cooked with pickled onion, tomato, and ginger

  • palak paneer.
    freshly made cottage cheese gently simmered in a creamy spinach

  • Mix Veg jalfrezi
    mixed vegetables and freshy made cottage cheese stir-fried with cumin and ginger

  • aloo gobhi adraki
    boiled potatoes and cauliflower tossed in a punjabi spice blend

  • tarka daal.
    yellow lentils tempered with garlic, cumin and green chilli

  • daal makhani.
    black lentils slow-cooked with butter, cream, and fenugreek powder

  • paneer butter masala.
    cottage cheese cubes cloaked in a moderately spicy blend of tomatoes, onions, and butter

---------------------Rice and Biriyani-----------------

  • hyderabadi murgh dum biryani.
    spiced chicken, brown onion, and saffron layered with aromatic basmati rice

  • subz dum biryani
    seasonal vegetables cooked with mace, cloves, black cardamom layered with aroma c basma rice

  • dum gosht biryani
    spiced mutton, brown onion, and saffron layered with aromatic basmati rice

  • saffron rice.
    saffron flavored long-grain basma rice from india

  • jeera peas pulao.
    basmati rice tempered with cumin seeds, green peas and coriander

  • steamed rice.
    plain long-grain basmati rice from india

------------------South Indian Food---------------------

  • Idly.
    Steamed lentil and rice cake with deep-fried lentil doughnut.

  • Dosa.
    Crepe made of rice and black lentils stuffed with potato vegetable

  • Sambar Vara.
    Deep-fried and seasoned lentil batter served with sambar

  • Uttapam
    Thick pancake of fermented batter of rice black lentils with onion or tomoto mix cooked right on to the batter

  • Curd Rice.

-----------------freshly baked breads-------------------




  • tandoori roti
  • missi roti



  •  piaz kulcha
  •  aloo kulcha